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Top Websites for Free Graphic Design Resources

In the world of graphic design, access to high-quality resources can make all the difference in creating stunning visuals. Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, leveraging free graphic design resources can enhance your creativity without breaking the bank. Here are some of the top websites where you can find an abundance of free graphic design assets:


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Top Websites for Free Graphic Design Resources


Unsplash offers a vast collection of high-resolution photos contributed by photographers worldwide. These images are free to use for both personal and commercial projects, making it a go-to resource for background images and visual inspiration.


Similar to Unsplash, Pexels provides a wide selection of free stock photos and videos. The platform curates its collection to ensure high quality, and all content is licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, allowing for unrestricted use.


Freepik specializes in free vector graphics, illustrations, icons, and photos. It also offers premium content for those looking for more advanced design elements. The site’s intuitive search function and curated collections make finding specific graphics effortless.


Pixabay hosts a diverse range of free images, vectors, illustrations, and videos. All content on Pixabay is released under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which means you can use them freely for personal and commercial projects without attribution.


Canva is not only a powerful online graphic design tool but also offers a vast library of free templates, photos, icons, and illustrations. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create professional-looking designs even without prior design experience.


Vecteezy specializes in free vector art, graphics, and illustrations. It features a community of artists who contribute their work, providing a wide range of styles and themes suitable for various design projects.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark offers a collection of free design tools, including templates for social media graphics, web pages, and video stories. While some features require a paid subscription, many basic design resources are available for free.

Burst by Shopify

Burst by Shopify provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. It caters specifically to e-commerce and business-related visuals, making it a valuable resource for creating marketing materials and product images.


Rawpixel offers a mix of free and premium graphic resources, including photos, vectors, PSD mockups, and more. The site is known for its diverse and trendy collection of visuals suitable for modern design projects.


GraphicBurger curates free design resources such as mockups, UI kits, icons, and textures. The site features high-quality, handpicked content that designers can use to enhance their projects.

Tips for Using Free Graphic Design Resources Effectively

  • Read Licensing Terms: Ensure you understand how you can use each resource, especially for commercial projects.
  • Customization: Modify designs to suit your project’s unique requirements and maintain originality.
  • Stay Organized: Keep your downloaded resources organized to streamline future projects and avoid duplication.
  • Explore New Trends: Use free resources to experiment with new design trends and techniques without financial risk.


Harnessing free graphic design resources not only saves costs but also expands creative possibilities. Whether you’re designing for personal projects or professional endeavors, these websites offer a wealth of assets to elevate your designs. Explore these platforms, unleash your creativity, and transform your ideas into visually captivating realities.