Exploring the Art of Combination Logos

Exploring the Art of Combination Logos

Combination logos, also known as combination marks, are a type of logo that combines both text and a symbol or icon to create a unique and memorable brand identity. This design approach allows for versatility, as the text and symbol can be used together or separately, providing flexibility across various applications. Here are some key elements and considerations when exploring the art of blended logos:

Exploring the Art of Combination Logos


Achieving a harmonious balance between the text and the symbol in a combination logo is a fundamental design principle that significantly influences the overall visual impact and effectiveness of the brand identity. This balance is crucial because it ensures that both elements work together seamlessly to convey a unified message. The text and symbol should not compete for attention but rather complement each other, forming a cohesive and integrated design.


Seamless integration between the text and symbols in a combination logo is a design imperative that elevates the overall aesthetic and effectiveness of the brand identity. This integration involves a thoughtful and intentional connection between the textual and symbolic elements, ensuring they come together cohesively to convey a unified and impactful message.


Maintaining simplicity and avoiding clutter is a paramount consideration in the design of joint logos, as these principles contribute significantly to the logo’s effectiveness and versatility. A simple design ensures that the visual elements—both the text and the symbol—are clear, unambiguous, and easily comprehensible, fostering instant recognition and recall.


Ensuring that both the text and symbol in a combination logo are not only relevant but also deeply connected to the brand and its core values is a pivotal aspect of effective logo design. The combination should serve as a visual representation of the essence and identity of the brand, encapsulating its mission, personality, and overall ethos.


Thorough testing of a combination logo across diverse contexts and applications is a critical step in the design process to guarantee its versatility and efficacy. The logo should seamlessly adapt to a multitude of scenarios, maintaining its visual integrity and impact across different sizes, colour variations, and mediums.

Colour Choice

Selecting a colour palette that aligns harmoniously with the brand’s personality and industry is a pivotal decision in the creation of a combination logo. Colors carry significant psychological and emotional associations, and the chosen palette plays a fundamental role in shaping the overall perception of the brand. A well-considered colour scheme not only enhances the visual appeal of the logo but also contributes to the development of a strong and memorable brand identity.


The selection of fonts in a combination logo is a critical aspect that significantly influences the overall design and its ability to effectively communicate the brand’s message. Choosing fonts that complement the overall design creates a harmonious visual language, reinforcing the brand’s identity and personality.


A good combination logo should be scalable without losing its impact. Test the design at different sizes to ensure that it remains clear and recognizable.


Strive for a unique and distinctive design that sets the brand apart from competitors. Avoid clichés and generic symbols to make a lasting impression.


Use the combination logo to tell a visual story about the brand. The symbol and text should work together to convey the brand’s narrative and values.

Feedback and Iteration

Seek feedback from stakeholders, clients, or focus groups during the design process. Iterate on the design based on constructive feedback to refine and enhance the final product.

Final Thoughts

Examples of successful combination logos include those of companies like Adidas, Burger King, and Lacoste. Each of these logos effectively combines a unique symbol with distinctive typography, creating a visual identity that is both memorable and versatile.


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