LetterLogos: How It Works
A pre-designed letter logo case study (This is not a real order, only an example that shows the process in action)


Our example: the "DV" logo...

This is the original logo.

Let's take this one as an example and run through the entire process.




Step 1
Logo is marked as "Sold" on the site

As soon as we receive your order and payment for the logo, it is queued to be marked as "Sold" on the site.

This is a manual process (for several reasons), so it does not happen immediately.

Usually it will show as "Sold" a couple of hours after the order.

This is very important to us. As per our Terms of Service Agreement, the copyright to that logo automatically transfers to you when you order it. If we mess this up, you could sue us for copyright violation - so we never mess this up. Your logo will be marked as sold soon after we receive the order and were able to confirm payment.

Your logo will never be for sale again, unless you sell it.

If you're a logo designer reselling our logos to your clients, you're not alone! We know you will want that logo removed from our site completely, rather than shown as "Sold".

That's fine with us.

Mention on the order form that you want it removed completely and excluded from our portfolio.


Step 2
Preview 1 (arrives within 1 business day)

When you order you can specify colors, fonts etc. that you want us to use.

Our design team now scurries away and builds your logo. We will show it to you the way you want to see it and we will include some alternatives that we think could work even better.

A typical order would look something like this one:

Company Name:

DV Construction


The Home Extension Specialist

Color & Font Requirements:

I like the original colors but would also like to see the logo in "construction yellow" and black. Make the triangle part above the "V" white. I don't have a specific font but I prefer simple fonts. Nothing fancy.

Other Instructions:

None. Thanks. I look forward to seeing the designs!

The preview to the right shows what our designers would typically send in response.

Remember, this is included in the price.

You do not pay extra to have our design team fine-tune your logo. You don't have to work with our designers of course. If you prefer to simply receive the files and work on the logo yourself, that's fine with us. Mention it on the order form.

Back to the example...

A designer now sends this first preview image to you in an email. He or she will also include comments and recommendations, if any.

For example:

"Thanks for your order from LetterLogos.com.

Attached is preview 1 of your logo, showing the logo as ordered, plus some variations that we came up with. I think that the "construction yellow" and black looks good on this logo - better than the original colors. My favorite is design E.

The font in that one is simply "Arial Black", which might border on being boring, but it's a clean font and fairly common so it will simplify your life quite a bit when it comes to matching the font on business cards etc."

With that, the designer's job is done. For now.

The ball is in your court. Look over the designs. Show them around to hear what others think. You can take your time - as long as we hear from you at least once every 12 months (!) your project will stay open and we will be ready to continue with the next step whenever you're ready.



Step 3
Changes & Revisions

When we receive your feedback on that first set of designs, we get started on the changes.

Typically the client feedback would be:

"Thanks for the designs. I really like E. The glossy look is a winner. Thanks for thinking ahead about the font. I will go with your recommendation and use Arial Black. Some changes:

(1) Can you show me design E but with the tag line the same width as the company name?
(2) Can we also try the tag line in yellow?
(3) I like the black outline around the outside of the "D". Can you make it slightly thicker?
(4) I'm not sure if I want the logo above or next to the text. Please show me both ways and tell me what you would recommend. Thanks!"

The designers job is now to firstly apply those changes, but to also advise the client. It could happen that the client asks for something that's a bad idea.

As in this case:
The yellow tag line is a bad idea. Here's the designer's comments on the second batch of designs:

"Thanks very much for your feedback.

Attached is a new preview image showing the changes as requested. I tried the tag line in yellow, but I would definitely advise against it. On a white background the tag line would be difficult to read. In design C I also tried the tag line in a darker yellow and in uppercase, but even that one would not be ideal. I would recommend either black or grey for the text. Your call Jim.

About the outline: I think that was a good call. The slightly thicker outline in design E gets my vote.

About the layout: The logo next to the name is probably the better way. It's a matter of taste, but the logo next to the text will make it more practical for use on a web site and letterhead."

Remember, your money buys not only a logo, but also an expert opinion. If you're not clear on something, your designer will be happy to help.

For example, instead of asking for more changes here, you could also just fire off an email to the designer asking a question.

Our designers all have 2 years or more practical experience in the design and printing industry. Our senior designers have 5+ years experience. By this time they know exactly what works well and what doesn't. You're welcome to tap into that experience.

If you're worried that the logo won't work for embroidery, for example, chat to the designer about it.



Step 3 (Continued)
More Changes & Revisions
This step repeats forever (or until you accept the logo :)

Client feedback:

"Thanks for the designs and the recommendations. I agree with you. Design E is the winner. One more change: I am not yet sure about the tag line. Send me one more preview showing design E as it, next to a variation where you have a thin line between the name and the tag line. Thanks. I think that should do it."

This process of changes/revisions continues until you are 100% happy with the logo. There is no limit. No point where your designer will expect you to "take it or leave it".

We will stick with you, cheerfully making changes until you have your perfect logo.

Designer comments:

"Thanks very much for your feedback. Attached is a new preview image showing the change as requested. I also tried the tag line in white on grey, but I don't think that's the best way.

Have you considered leaving the tag line off? This is not an 'easy way out' - I'm personally not a big fan of tag lines. It would be fairly easy to add it where needed, for example on a vehicle decal the signage guys could apply it under the logo. Having the tag line in the logo as standard is seldom necessary."

Client feedback:

"Thanks. I will again go with your recommendation. Design D it is. You can wrap this up and send me design D in all the relevant formats. Thanks a million for all your help and all the options. I couldn't be happier with my logo. I can't wait to start using it. Thanks again."



Step 4
The Final Logo


When you accept one of the concepts as your final logo, we will send you the original vector art file, plus a large variety of formats for everything from printing to web use.

The final logo is delivered in the following formats:

Additional formats like PSD, EPS, TIFF etc. can be supplied on request.

No additional charge for additional formats.


Want to see the actual files?

We thought you might.

You are welcome to download and inspect the actual logo files to see what exactly we deliver at the end of the design process. We do not recommend using this as your logo though!


Download the logo files for DV Construction



Total cost?

The whole process shown here is included in the price.
The price shown on the logo page is the full price, in US Dollars. There are no hidden fees. The only way you'll pay more is if you buy more than one logo!


More Questions?

Please ask here. We look forward to hearing from you.



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