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Our goal is to offer pre-designed logos for every possible letter combination, up to three letters. Yes, we know, that's a whopping 18,278 logos (26 + (26 x 26) + (26 x 26 x 26))! That's if there's only one logo for every possible three-letter combination. We will get there one day!

We currently have 2085 letter logos on the site. Adding more logos as we produce them.

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If there's a specific letter combination you need that's not availble on the site (or if you don't like the ones we have), consider getting a custom letter logo instead. Custom letter logos are more expensive than pre-designed logos, but not by much and they offer great value for money.


No-one wants to share a logo with another company. We could never understand the concept behind "template" logos, where the same logo is resold as many times as possible. In our opinion, if it's not exclusive, it's simply not a logo. So in an effort to provide our clients with real logos, each logo on LetterLogos.com is a once-off. When it is purchased, it is marked as sold and eventually removed from the site as we add new logos.

Logo Designers

We do not accept logo submissions. We feel that in-house is better. That way we know that every logo we sell is original.

However, if you spot a logo on LetterLogos.com that you want to use, you are most welcome to purchase it. Rather than marking it as "sold", we will remove it completely and exclude it from our portfolio. Your secret is safe with us.

If you are interested in selling logos, you should consider LogoGround.com.
For more places to sell logos, check out the Logo Directory.

Custom Letter Logos

We realize that, even if you find the correct letter combination on LetterLogos.com, the logo style might not be what you had in mind. Consider ordering a custom letter logo from our team. Custom logos cost more, but not much and offer excellent value for money.

More than a Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee means that the logo design company will work with you, as long as it takes, to create your perfect logo. But that still means you are stuck with the best that your logo design company can come up with. You should have the option to get your money back and try a different logo design company. At LetterLogos.com you have a full 30 day money-back guarantee. No strings attached. If you are not happy with our work, ask for your refund. There are no "service fees" or "admin fees". We will refund 100% of the order amount. Details about our money-back guarantee.



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